Maya Stahl, 15
10th Grade, Gainsgrove High School
Born April 10 (Aries)
5' 11" / 150 lbs
No. 1, Pitcher

Maya is quiet and reserved, not because she is shy but because she doesn't want to be bothered with others. She keeps mostly to herself and only really opens up to her friends Owen and Cassie, but it doesn't stop her from being a team player.
Maya is also the daughter of Noemi Stahl from the webcomic "The Cafe d'Alizee."

Gavin Privett, 16
10th Grade, Mapleridge High School
Born July 29 (Leo)
5' 10" / 165 lbs
No. 2, Catcher

The oldest on the team, Gavin is also the most powerful and a force to be reckoned with. He is sociable and well-liked on the team but seems to play out of obligation rather than interest in the game. Gavin also a member of the local fencing team.

Dominic "Dom" Wendell, 16
10th Grade, Gainsgrove High School
Born November 05 (Scorpio)
5' 11" / 155 lbs
No. 3, 1st Baseman

Dom knows a little about everyone and everything, and sometimes he uses that information for his own personal gain. This makes him somewhat unpopular with some of his teammates, but he is mostly harmless.

Charlotte "Charlie" Morales, 16
10th Grade, Mapleridge High School
Born Sept 21 (Virgo)
5' 1" / 190 lbs
No. 4, 2nd Baseman

Though she occasionally is teased for her weight, Charlie pays no attention because she knows she looks good. Her optimism is contagious, and she often finds herself acting as a mediator when there is discord among her teammates.

Joel Brenner, 15
9th Grade, Mapleridge High School
Born March 03 (Pisces)
5' 4" / 130 lbs
No. 5, 3rd Baseman

Joel isn't as shy as he is lacking confidence in himself. He used to play Little League baseball until his eyesight got so bad that he needed glasses. He is a strong player who practices daily despite his size and his poor eyesight.

Miles Findlay, 15
10th Grade, Gainsgrove High School
Born May 02 (Taurus)
5' 10" / 160 lbs
No. 6, Shortstop

Miles is an incredibly easygoing person, to the point where he's often considered the anchor of the team and a go-to person for advice. He's the closest thing Dom has to a friend, because he is one of the few that can tolerate him.

London Mancini, 15
10th Grade, Mapleridge High School
Born July 11 (Cancer)
5' 8" / 120 lbs
No. 7, Left-Fielder

In stark contrast to her best friend Charlie, London is somewhat of a pessimist but also a strong leader at heart. Fed up with drama on her middle school softball team, she convinced Charlie to take up baseball with her, creating some enemies on the softball team.

Owen Dewitt, 16
10th Grade, Gainsgrove High School
Born December 22 (Sagittarius)
5' 10" / 150 lbs
No. 8, Center-Fielder

Owen is generally easy to get along with, though he's often found unapproachable due to his friendship with Maya and his occasional blunt comment. Owen likes to live in the moment and doesn't like getting hung up on future plans.

Wesley "Wes" Birchfield, 15
9th Grade, Mapleridge High School
Born January 18 (Capricorn)
6' / 165 lbs
No. 9, Right-Fielder

A typical high school boy, Wes likes hanging out with friends and checking out girls. He can be a little bit cocky at times, but it's mostly for show. He is hard on those he thinks have a strong potential. Aside from the baseball team, he also enjoys playing laser tag.

Annalise Labrecque, 15
10th Grade, Gainsgrove High School
Born August 08 (Leo)
5' 4" / 135 lbs
No. 10, Relief Player

Annalise is extroverted and fun, and loves both sports and dressing up. Her best friend is her non-Muslim twin sister, Adelaide, and the two enjoy shopping and fencing. Though she loves her sister, she makes a point to mark herself as an individual with separate interests.
Annalise and her sister are the siblings of Lucas Labrecque from the webcomic "Do It Yourself."

Frankie Geiss, 16
10th Grade, Mapleridge High School
Born November 19 (Scorpio)
5' 7" / 140 lbs
No. 11, Relief Player

Frankie is usually quiet, but when he speaks up he always comes up with something interesting. He likes video games, and claims that he was forced to join baseball by his parents who wanted him to play outdoors, but he does enjoy it. He brings his portable gaming system everywhere.

Ezra Teng, 16
10th Grade, Gainsgrove High School
Born October 26 (Scorpio)
5' 8" / 135 lbs
No. 12, Relief Pitcher

Ezra is very popular with his teammates due to his warm attitude and willingness to help. He is ambidextrous, making him adaptable on the mound, but he's not nearly as strong a pitcher as Maya. Ezra is on the swim team and in several community organizations.